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Now Learn the Secrets of Electrical Science

"The Life Force Within Essential Oils"

Essential oils have an electrical frequency of life force when they are not damaged in the extraction and formulation process.  

That's why RefreshMint provides your teeth and mouth with the proper electrical information to safely clean and help eliminate plaque and calculus.

What exactly is this stuff?  RefreshMint contains organic oils, uniquely combined in just the right proportions to respond to one another electrically and synergistically.  You will notice immediately that this product is unlike any you've ever experienced.

Don't be fooled by other oils that are combined using heat and pressure which destroy the valuable properties found in fragile plants.  RefreshMint stands the test.  Try it for yourself and experience what some call the "little miracle in a bottle".

RefreshMint - 30 ml    $19.95                 

RefreshMint Special - Order 2 and get the 3rd 1/2 Price!   $49.88                                                 

But how does it work?

RefreshMint's job is to break down toxins on your teeth, changing the matrix of the plaque so it no longer has the characteristic of of a toxin.  You can even swallow it! 
It's strong peppermint flavor leaves your mouth with a fresh taste that feels squeaky-clean.  With continued use, folks tell us that their gums are healthier, and that their plaque and calculus build-up has been greatly reduced.  Get ready for a totally fresh mouth!

Other uses for RefreshMint include helping to relieve the discomfort, bloating, gaseousness and irritation of the stomach.  By dispensing just two drops of RefreshMint on the back of your tongue and swallowing, you'll be amazed with the results.  

If you have problems with gum soreness or gum disease, massage in RefreshMint.  Many users find it soothes the esophagus, throat and alimentary canal.  Great for singers and speakers.  Goodness, users even tell us RefreshMint is great for insect bites and stings!  Is there any anything that RefreshMint can't do?

So, if you welcome the idea of using products that are 100% natural, containing no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients, you'll appreciate our five alternatives to popular skin care products.

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